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We are an all animal roleplay topsite. No humans or shifters can be allowed, if they exists without the option to play an animal.


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The HOWLS is a new fantasy wolf roleplay where the members decide what happens and why. Wolves face pack rivalry as well as troubles with spirits and whatever else the members can come up with.

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31 Memento Mori
0 0

The time has come, we have forgotten that we too bleed, that we feel pain. Now, we must remember those mortal justices as vices that we too keep. Remember, Guardians, remember we must die.
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37 Carpe Mutatio
0 0

Carpe Mutatio is a literate fantasy wolf roleplay where you make up the rules of how the roleplay will unfold. It takes place in the deadly mutated world 100 years after the extinction of man kind.
38 Household Enemies
0 0

From rodents to equines, this various animal RPG is open and waiting for new members.
39 Canine Conspiracy
0 0

Santa Barbabra, CA has become a desolate and abandoned city overrun by canines of all kinds after a strange illness was released into the air, killing off most humans. Some remain but the canines continue to gather. Do you have what it takes to survive? P
40 Vengeance v2. The Rebirth
0 0

life is all about choices- choices define who you are. if you were given the chance to take back your mistakes and live once more in triumph... what would you offer for a chance at REBIRTH
41 Hysteria
0 0

The Empire has ruled The Island with an iron fist for centuries. The other packs had never thought of fighting back.

Until now.
42 Fall of paradise
0 0

Wolves are stricken with illness and now we must worry about the odd ones... The ones with strange mutations.
43 Thrill
0 0

Born just this year, Thrill is a realistic wolf RP just waiting for the book to write itself. We have an active community and amazing members. Come join the Thrill!!
44 Folk Songs
0 0

Folk Songs is a literate house and feral feline roleplay.
45 Lupus Insula
0 0

Lupus Insula is a realistic wolf rpg set on a man made island. Offers multiple packs, land claiming, and more. 100 word minimum posts.
46 catastrophe
0 0

Humans were forced to live underground when their seemingly docile pets started a revolution agains them. come and join us we are active!
47 Forest Spirit
0 0

We accept roleplayers of any level from beginner to advanced. Forest Spirit is a fantasy canine and feline roleplay, and we also allow members to roleplay as prey animals.
48 Tundra
0 0

Welcome to the Tundra. We are an entirely free-form, Fantasy, Multi-Species Animal RP where the sky is pretty much the limit. Strong activity for an amazing community. Join us today!
49 IN COGNITO >> A Fantasy Dog Roleplay
0 0

A catastrophic chemical and radiation leak killed a large population of cognito city, which was abandoned 50 years ago. The animals survived, and are now mutating and fighting for supremacy.
50 the Valley of the Wolves
0 0
Welcome to the Valley of the Wolves Pack, also known as the Druids. This is a very extraordinary and unique pack of wolves that are put together to create a one large family. Rarely will two wolves pass each other without playfully rubbing shoulders tog
51 Madness
0 0

a brand new canine site where chaos rules the world come and check us out.
52 Meadows of Heaven
0 0

We walk this earth each day knowing that we all must fall in turn but there are those that seek immortality…and rebirth.
53 Wanderlust
0 0

Semi-Fantasy Canine and Feline RP
150 Word Minimum
Seeking Pack leaders and Staff
54 Insanity !
0 0

The Humans are gone, but before they left they used up Earth's resources. Canines reign supreme, but they didn't factor in one thing: themselves
55 The New World Wolves
0 0

A friendly and active, semi-realistic wolf RPG
56 True Fire ~ A Literate Wolf RPG
0 0

True Fire is NEW literate canine roleplay that needs active staff and members, with an interesting plot and friendly staff.
57 My Spirit is Free
0 0

We are a novice through advanced role play site with a post length minimum of 3 sentences. The role play takes place in a land called Serig where many domesticated canines and felines escape from their owners. Many of the ex-pets take refuge in the Junkya
58 Celestia
0 0

Semi-lit wolf RP
59 Lochinvyrr
0 0
Lochinvyrr is an owl roleplay based off of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole book series. Our plot is free to be shaped by our players: it is up to you to decide whether war or peace will reign.
60 The Gravity
0 0
Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I'll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.

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